Developer Relations

Developer Relations

We're developers, engineers, and scripters just like you. We know what it's like to have a bad experience when you're trying to use an API, SDK, or tool. Sometimes you can't find great docs, sometimes there seems to be no community for others like you, or sometimes the product just seems to be working against you. Because we know this pain, we want to make sure you never have to experience it with FireEye. That is why we have launched FireEye's first Developer Relations program along with a broader Developer Experience initiative. We are dedicating time and resources to you and your experience in our ecosystem.

With the announcement of this new program, we still need to hire the team and put a plan together for how we want to move forward in creating an all-new experience for you. While we work on that, below you can learn about what we aim to do for you and how we hope to accomplish it. Ultimately we are here to serve and listen to you.

Your New Voice

This is the first tool we are providing to you—a voice! This means you now have a voice in the company. Yes, a real, physical person will personally be advocating for your needs and wants with our product and engineering teams. We're not only here to listen to what you have to say but we're going to echo your words down every hall, elevator, stairwell, email, and online chat channel that we can. Our job is to share your sentiments of our products inside the company, even if it might offend someone. Here, on the Developer Relations team, we're on your side. If you write code of any kind, we want to hear from you. How can you communicate with us? Just reach out!

How We Will Work For You

DevRel Program

What will we do with all that you have to say? We sit directly between you and our product and engineering teams, we will be sitting in product planning sessions and attending sprint demos acting on your behalf. We will do all this while personifying your feedback and sentiments and sharing them directly with our product and engineering teams to help shape the product. When those changes take place, we share them back out with you in the form of blog posts, updated docs & SDKs, and more. Repeat.

Who We Are

We aren't here to hide behind emails, screen names, and avatars. We are real people who are working to make your lives better. We strongly encourage you to know who we are, what we do, and how you can reach us. Introducing the Developer Relations team...

Jordan Violet, Developer Relations Manager

Jordan Violet

Currently the Developer Relations Manager at FireEye, Jordan and his team act as a bridge between FireEye and third-party developers, creating an experience that is not only enjoyable but also decreases the developers time-to-value. This is done by way of conferences, meetups, workshops, code, documentation, and anything else FireEye’s external Developers need to be successful. A program driven by empathy, Developer Relations at FireEye exists internally to be the voice of the external developer and exists externally to provide resources, awareness, and inspiration to our external developers. Jordan joined FireEye in 2019 as part of their Technical Partnerships Program. It was in this role that Jordan quickly saw a need for better developer enablement and thus Developer Relations, also known as DevRel, was born at FireEye. Jordan earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Findlay and currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. If you want to contact Jordan, feel free to do so by email, Twitter, or by PM'ing him here in the FireEye Developer Community.

Colin McKibben, Developer Advocate

Colin McKibben

Colin previously worked for the Ford Motor Company IT organization as a cloud API architect. Colin joined FireEye in October of 2019, starting as FireEye's first developer advocate. As a Developer Advocate at FireEye, Colin engages with the external development community to drive awareness of FireEye's key security products by creating tools, documentation, and experiences that empowers developers to innovate quickly. Internally, Colin is the voice of the FireEye developer community, advocating for their needs and communicating their pain-points (As well as their wins!) to the product teams so that FireEye can better enable external developers. Colin earned his B.S. in Computer Science at The University of Findlay. He currently resides in Avon, Ohio. If you want to contact Colin, feel free to do so by email or by PM'ing him here in the FireEye Developer Community.



We have plans to hire more developers advocates as well as a community builder, and soon. If you are passionate about developers and love working with technology and people, let's chat.